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Guilds can include up to 30 members at the time of starting
To access the guild tab Press Alt+U, or select "Community" Lost Ark Gold in the lower right corner of the map. Select "Guild" within the pop-up menu. It will display the guild screen. It will show all the guilds who are currently recruiting members. Guilds can include up to 30 members at the time of starting.

To create a guild, you'll require 2,000 silver. When you're on the Guild tab, check the top of the page and select "Create Guild." Put the guild's name and some description, and once your click "Create Guild," your guild will be created. In the process of creating a guild you'll need to keep "Add to the Suggested Guilds List" ticked to ensure your guild is listed in the list of suggested guilds. They can then invite others to join your guild , or join immediately.

Once your guild is created then you can cheap Lost Ark Gold take control of it using the arrows at the top of the panel , and then selecting "Manage." From there you can edit the flag, change the name of your guild, change the leader of the guild, edit join settings, and more.

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